Ellen Pierce Sevigny

"Ellen goes all out to support her clients to succeed. She brings her caring, strategic thinking and persistence to get the job done. You will love working with her." - Dr Joan Bragar

Buying and selling real estate is an experience full of potential twists and turns - I am your local guide to help you smooth out the rough waters. As a former therapist, I am uniquely positioned to help you navigate the unexpected circumstances that arise with each transaction. I have a proven track record of communicating directly, and with kindness, to achieve specific results, that makes my work stand out.

In the spirit of entrepreneurial Colorado, I have have been self-employed since 2015. I am tech savvy with a heart of gold, which means that we will use the technology at our fingertips to get you the outcome that is best for you. At 8z we are known for cutting-edge home search technology and I am personally backed by a powerful team that has over 50 years of combined real estate experience.

In 2009, I founded a tech-enabled outdoor yoga studio called Yoga in Your Park that helps people get into connection with the nature we love so much here on the front range. I even got to participate in an exclusive evening presenting to the House of Genius. I attribute my success in business so far to a single quality; my tenacity. I have a certain grit that will be very useful to you if it’s on your team.

When I came out to Colorado from Maine for a ski season in Vail, I never thought I could live away from the ocean. But as I drove into Boulder from Denver and saw the valley in front of me, I breathed a giant exhale and knew I was home. The darkening Colorado blue sky and those purple “Rockies” mountains brought tears of relief to my eyes and a knowing to my heart. I love this place! I am so happy to be able to help others to find their home here in Colorado.

In my free time, I love to take it easy and explore. In spring and summer I like to walk around the neighborhood to take pictures of the beautiful flowers you all have been cultivating in your gardens. In the fall I like to go “Jeeping’” in the foothills with my honey and find a quiet stream to read next to while he fly fishes. On a winter’s night, I love to wrap in a warm coat and feel the cold air take my breath away while gazing at the clear starry sky.

I enjoy art shows, ukulele, dancing, and I am a singer-songwriter! I love to try new fitness classes. I am engaged to my amazing partner, Jason. He is a fine-artist and muralist who owns a screen printing business in Boulder called Apollo Ink.

I’m curious, what are you aiming for in your life and real estate?

With my work ethic, in-depth understanding of human psychology and communication, as well integrity that makes me a powerful person, I will support you in hitting your real estate and investment targets.

My Listing Portfolio

Dr. Joan Bragar

Ellen goes all out to support her clients to succeed. She brings her caring, strategic thinking and persistence to get the job done. You will love working with her.

Megan F.

Ellen is a great listener. She hears what I want and need and helps to direct me to greater clarity. Plus she is sharp, loving and intelligent!

Jen D

Ellen is a go-getter who is full of heart, light and love. She is fueled by passion and beauty! If you have an opportunity to work with her, take it! You will be seen, heard and cared for from a place of respect, kindness a fire to serve others. She truly lives to uplift others and creates harmony wherever she goes